One of my favorite Alzheimer’s resources is The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Carealong with other books in the Best Friends series, including Best Friends Book of Alzheimer’s Activities, Volume One and Best Friends Book of Alzheimer’s Activities, Volume Two  I loved these books because the focus is on learning about people with Alzheimer’s, their histories and preferences, and then designing a care plan specifically for them. You may be in the best position to provide information about your parent, and reading this book will jog your memory. Even tiny details like knowing whether your parent prefers to sleep under a blanket or not will help your parent be more comfortable, and you must become both  your parent’s external memory and his or her advocate. The Best Friends Approach will assist you in that process, and the activity books include fun ideas for people with all stages of dementia. I particularly appreciated these activity books because they intentionally included activities more typical for male interests, which many other activity books overlook.