Meet The Board

This is a dedicated team that understands the challenges associated with this unique journey. We are committed to helping those on this path navigate and survive your loved one’s journey through dementia by making the Purple Sherpa the go-to caregiver’s resource

We are also looking to shine a much-needed light on these unsung heroes—enough so that it attracts the corporate dollars required to aid those who need it. We know about the lack of resources and we’re determined to help.

The Founding Sherpa

Julie Flemming

Julie Fleming

Julie Fleming is a former patent litigator with a science background, and founder of a law-firm business consultancy. Julie’s father is a retired lawyer with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. In caring for her father, Julie traveled through the all-too familiar stages of “doing it all” by herself. Finally realizing that such an undertaking was unsustainable, she began seeking resources—which is how she discovered the void in support for the family caregiver confronting Alzheimer’s and dementia. The pros and the academics kept saying “You have to take care of yourself, too.” But there was little practical information on how to do that. Also lacking were services affordable to the caregiver most in need. Julie began floating trial balloons on the internet, building the community and gathering the resources she wished she’d had access to. Julie’s effort met with a groundswell of interest. Thousands of caregivers from across the country and around the world enthusiastically embraced even the most basic efforts to give them support, resources and inspiration. The Purple Sherpa was born.

Daphne Reiley

Daphne Reiley is a workshop and retreat leader, a keynote speaker on topics of import to caregivers, and a support group facilitator. She holds a Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur and is presently in training as a Spiritual Director. She comes to The Purple Sherpa with an eclectic collection of dreams and practicalities, including a deep and abiding passion for aiding caregivers by lending an ear and offering compassion. Most caregivers will recognize Daphne’s experience of living through isolated, lonely times under the weight of caring not only for her family, but also for her Alzheimer’s afflicted mother. Through this caregiving experience, she acquired the skills of listening, gathering resources, and directing care.
Phyllis Wyrick

Phyllis Wyrick

Phyllis Wyrick is a Senior Regulatory Compliance Analyst with extensive experience in the health insurance industry. Phyllis also brings the credentials of a successful trainer, author, speaker, mentor, women’s group facilitator, and Christian counselor. Along with her husband, Phyllis has intermittently served as a caregiver to various family members for decades—including her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2006. After caring for her mother long distance, she and her husband brought Phyllis’ mother into their family home in 2012. They continue to serve as her primary in-home caregivers. Phyllis has long maintained a passion for helping others. She especially encourages women to become the best they can be while overcoming life’s obstacles. She loves joy, laughter, honesty, and the pursuit of excellence in all things. 
Brandis Bolin

Brandice Bolin

​Entrepreneur Brandis Bolin is a partner in Atlanta-based Mending Hearts Senior Care, a privately owned & operated senior care company. Her great-grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, which spurred Brandis’ interest in providing the best possible care to seniors, especially those requiring dementia care. Holding a PhD in physical therapy from Thomas Jefferson University, Brandis has practiced outpatient physical therapy in Kentucky and Georgia. In her spare time, she enjoys going to sporting events, cheering on Ohio State’s mighty Buckeyes, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, riding horses, playing volleyball, and (of course) eating. 

Are you an individual or corporation that would like to assist others on this challenging journey?